Store screenshots of your web app in Git

Have you ever had a change break your site? Even when the tests pass?

  • Testing functionality is hard
  • Testing UI is even harder

What if every time you commit, you got a visual diff of every web page that changed? It is surprisingly easy to do.

Gh img diff 1


All we need is a headless browser and a testing environment.

For Rails you can use poltergeist + rspec and just do this like in the tests for my Rails Email Preview gem. You then simply list the shots you want:

describe 'Take screenshots', driver: :poltergeist do
  it 'home page' do
    visit '/'
    screenshot! 'home'

  it 'user account page' do
    sign_in Fabricate(:user)
    visit my_account_url
    screenshot! 'my-account'

The code will simply place screenshots into spec/screenshots each time the test suite is run.

Once you add spec/screenshots to git, things get interesting.

Perks unlocked

With your screenshots under version control, you will

  • Always know when you introduce a change that changes the display
  • See which commits changed screens in your app
  • Instantly see what your app looked like at any point in time

You must use git submodule add {separate repo URL} spec/screenshots to keep screenshots in a separate repo, as it will get large. You can also script rewriting images out of older commits via git filter-branch if repo grows too large.

Below is an image diff as rendered by Github. This is visual version history and your private git wayback machine.

Gh img diff 2

I hope this post has helped you. Please let me know if you already do this, as I'm curious to hear other approaches.


Thanks @ddtrejo for your edits and suggestions!

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